NBA 08

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  • Sports: Basketball
Price: $6.99
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PlayStation 3
Sony Computer Entertainment America
SCE Studio San Diego

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Box Text

  • PS3 Exclusive: Games of The Week challenge you to download and recreate current NBA performances
  • PS3 Best of E3 2007 Winner: Best Sports Game - IGN
  • The only NBA sim to run in Full HD 1080p at a blazing 60 frames per second
  • New Key Control Play Calling puts the focus on your key players along with offensive and defensive sets
  • New Upside Progression System rewards players with points for hoops gear and status symbols
  • New Free6 functionality for enhanced SIXAXIS motion control

Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

  • HDTV 1080i
  • HDTV 1080p
  • HDTV 720p
  • Online: Ethernet Broadband Required
  • Playstation Network Compatible
  • Standard Controller