Madden NFL 08

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  • Sports: American Football
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PlayStation 2
Electronic Arts
EA Tiburon

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Read and React

ALl-New Read and React System
Scan the field to identify individual strengths and weaknesses before every play. Read, react, and exploit mismatches to gain the upper hand.

Players Smarter Than Ever Before
Improved player intelligence provides more authentic gameplay on both sides of the ball. New player moves and ultra-smooth on both sides of the ball. New player moves and ultra-smooth animations deliver the most realistic football gaming experience ever.

New Skill Drills Mode
Stay on the field after win or loss to work on specific aspects of your game. Each drill focuses on building new skills, helping you improve after every game.

New Fantasy Challenge Mode
Leverage your fantasy football knowledge to draft an NFL dream team, then risk key players in mini-game challenges to add elite superstars to your roster.

Ring of a Champion
Create your own championship ring based on career achievements in Franchise, NFL Superstar: Hall of fame, and other game modes.

Hit Stick 2.0
Take more control on defense with an enhanced Hit Stick. Aim high to jar the ball loose or take down power backs with drive-stopping tackles around the legs.

Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

  • Analog Control
  • Logitech/PS2 USB Headset
  • Memory Card
  • Multitap
  • Network Adaptor
  • Online: Ethernet Broadband Required
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Standard Controller