Crash Twinsanity

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  • Cartoon Violence
PlayStation 2
Vivendi Games
Traveller's Tales

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They're Working Together, But They Don't Have To Like It!

Faced with an evil force which is threatening their island home, Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex are forced to work together in the funniest Crash adventure ever! Control the squabbling duo through innovative team moves as they whack, smack, spin, throw, and ride their way through a fully 3D free-roaming environment.

  • Four playable characters including Nina Cortex, the bionic goth girl.
  • Check out the wicked team moves in this game.
  • Twin Slam, Humiliskate, Spank, Twin Throw, Rollerbrawl, Censored
  • Incredibly powerful bosses will challenge our dysfunctional heroes.
  • Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

    • Analog Control
    • Digital Control
    • Memory Card
    • Standard Controller
    • Vibration Function