Time Crisis 2 (W/O Guncon 2)

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  • Action
  • Action: Adventure
  • Adventure
  • Shooter
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  • Violence
PlayStation 2

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One Mission. Two Agents. The Whole World In Jeopardy!

Two-player light-gun action has never been this fast and furious.

Agents Keith Martin and Robert Baxter have been sent to find a missing agent. Christy Ryan was last heard from while uncovering a deceptive plan by Neodyne Industries to launch a network of military satellites. The world is in trouble, your fellow agent is in danger, and only you and a friend can stop this threat. Time Crisis 2, the arcade hit, is ready to deliver maximum impact.

  • All new hidden objectives not found in the arcade.
  • 1 player Double-Gun feature for double-barreled excitement.
  • For use with the all new Guncon2 and backwards compatible with the original Guncon.
  • 2 player simultaneous light-gun action via split-screen or linked play.
  • Game modes include Arcade, Agent Trainer, Quick&Crash plus more!
  • Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

    • Analog Control
    • GunCon 2
    • Memory Card