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Buy$12.491Lost Vikings, TheGame Boy AdvancePuzzle1Everyone icon
$20.890Lufia: The Ruins of LoreGame Boy AdvanceRPG1Everyone icon
$13.910Lunar LegendGame Boy AdvanceRPG2Everyone icon
Buy$12.491M&M's Blast!Game Boy AdvanceMini / Party Games1Everyone icon
$12.360M&M's: Break 'EmGame Boy AdvancePuzzle0Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Madagascar, DreamWorksGame Boy AdvancePlatform1Everyone icon
Buy$2.991Madagascar, DreamWorks: Operation PenguinGame Boy AdvancePlatform1Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Madden NFL 06Game Boy AdvanceSports: American Football1Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Madden NFL 07Game Boy AdvanceSports: American Football2Everyone icon
Buy$2.491Madden NFL 2002Game Boy AdvanceSports: American Football1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Madden NFL 2003Game Boy AdvanceSports: American Football2Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Madden NFL 2004Game Boy AdvanceSports: American Football2Everyone icon
Buy$3.991Madden NFL 2005Game Boy AdvanceSports: American Football4Everyone icon
Buy$14.991Magical Quest 2, Disney's: Starring Mickey & MinnieGame Boy AdvancePlatform2Everyone icon
$34.800Magical Quest 3, Disney's: Starring Mickey & DonaldGame Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Magical Quest, Disney's: Starring Mickey & MinnieGame Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
$10.070Majesco's Sports PackGame Boy AdvanceCompilation, Sports: Bowling, Sports: Dodge Ball, Sports: Extreme4Everyone 10+ icon
$15.460Major League Baseball 2K7Game Boy AdvanceSports: Baseball1Everyone icon
Buy$2.991Marble Madness / KlaxGame Boy AdvancePuzzle1Everyone icon
Buy$5.991March of the PenguinsGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$12.492Mario & Luigi: Superstar SagaGame Boy AdvanceRPG4Everyone icon
Buy$9.991Mario Golf: Advance TourGame Boy AdvanceSports: Golf4Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Mario Kart: Super CircuitGame Boy AdvanceRacing4Everyone icon
Buy$13.991Mario Party AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceMini / Party Games4Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Mario Pinball LandGame Boy AdvancePinball1Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Mario Tennis: Power TourGame Boy AdvanceSports: Tennis4Everyone icon
Buy$17.991Mario vs. Donkey KongGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Marvel: Ultimate AllianceGame Boy AdvanceAction, RPG1Everyone 10+ icon
$23.200Marvel's Invincible Iron Man, TheGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$5.991Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16: Licensed to DriveGame Boy AdvanceRacing4Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Mary-Kate and Ashley: Girls Night OutGame Boy AdvanceRhythm / Dance1Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Masters of the Universe: He-Man: Power of GrayskullGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
$2.990Mat Hoffman's Pro BMXGame Boy AdvanceSports: BMX4Everyone icon
Buy$5.991Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2Game Boy AdvanceSports: BMX4Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Matchbox Cross Town HeroesGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Matchbox Missions: Air, Land and Sea Rescue / Emergency ResponseGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Mazes of FateGame Boy AdvanceRPG1Teen icon
Buy$6.991Mech PlatoonGame Boy AdvanceStrategy: Real-Time1Everyone icon
Buy$20.991Medabots AX: Rokusho VersionGame Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
$23.200Medabots: MetabeeGame Boy AdvanceRPG1Everyone icon
$19.330Medabots: RokushoGame Boy AdvanceRPG1Everyone icon
Buy$14.991Medal of Honor: InfiltratorGame Boy AdvanceAction, Shooter1Teen icon
Buy$20.991Medal of Honor: UndergroundGame Boy AdvanceAction, Action: First Person Shooter2Teen icon
Buy$12.491Meet the Robinsons, Walt Disney Pictures PresentsGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$19.330Mega Man & BassGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
$13.910Mega Man Battle Chip ChallengeGame Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
$12.360Mega Man Battle NetworkGame Boy AdvanceRPG2Everyone icon
$34.800Mega Man Battle Network 2Game Boy AdvanceRPG2Everyone icon
Buy$13.992Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue VersionGame Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
$7.710Mega Man Battle Network 3: White VersionGame Boy AdvanceRPG2Everyone icon
$20.890Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue MoonGame Boy AdvanceAction, RPG2Everyone icon
$10.070Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red SunGame Boy AdvanceAction, RPG2Everyone icon
$4.990Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ColonelGame Boy AdvanceRPG2Everyone icon
$13.910Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtomanGame Boy AdvanceRPG2Everyone icon
$13.910Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast FalzarGame Boy AdvanceAction, RPG2Everyone icon
$19.330Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast GregarGame Boy AdvanceAction, RPG2Everyone icon
Buy$17.991Mega Man ZeroGame Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
$20.890Mega Man Zero 2Game Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Mega Man Zero 3Game Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
Buy$20.991Mega Man Zero 4Game Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Men in Black: The SeriesGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
$30.930Metal Slug AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceAction, Shooter1Teen icon
$19.330MetroidGame Boy AdvanceAction, Adventure1Everyone icon
$17.800Metroid FusionGame Boy AdvancePlatform1Everyone icon
$23.200Metroid: Zero MissionGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$3.991Midnight Club Street RacingGame Boy AdvanceRacing1Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Midway's Greatest Arcade HitsGame Boy AdvanceArcade / Coin-Op, Compilation1Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Mighty Beanz Pocket PuzzlesGame Boy AdvancePuzzle2Everyone icon
$23.200Mike Tyson BoxingGame Boy AdvanceSports: Boxing2Everyone icon
Buy$2.491Millipede / Super Breakout / Lunar LadderGame Boy AdvanceArcade / Coin-Op1Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Minority ReportGame Boy AdvanceAction1Teen icon
Buy$8.991Mission: Impossible: Operation SurmaGame Boy AdvanceAction, Adventure1Teen icon
Buy$10.991MLB SlugFest 20-04Game Boy AdvanceSports: Baseball1Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Battle AssaultGame Boy AdvanceVs. Fighting2Teen icon
$1.460MonopolyGame Boy AdvanceBoard / Tabletop1Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Monster ForceGame Boy AdvanceAdventure2Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Monster HouseGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$20.991Monster Jam: Maximum DestructionGame Boy AdvanceRacing1Everyone icon
Buy$7.991Monster Rancher AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceStrategy4Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Monster Rancher Advance 2Game Boy AdvanceStrategy2Everyone icon
Buy$20.991Monster Truck MadnessGame Boy AdvanceRacing1Everyone icon
Buy$5.991Monster TrucksGame Boy AdvanceRacing1Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Monster Trucks / Quad Desert FuryGame Boy AdvanceCompilation, Racing4Everyone icon
Buy$17.991Monster! Bass FishingGame Boy AdvanceSports: Fishing1Everyone icon
Buy$3.991Monsters, Inc., Disney/PixarGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$34.800Mortal Kombat AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceVs. Fighting2Mature icon
Buy$12.491Mortal Kombat: Deadly AllianceGame Boy AdvanceVs. Fighting2Mature icon
$17.790Mortal Kombat: Tournament EditionGame Boy AdvanceVs. Fighting2Mature icon
$44.860Moto Racer AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceRacing2Everyone icon
$7.710Motocross Maniacs AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceRacing4Everyone icon
Buy$12.491MotoGPGame Boy AdvanceRacing2Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Mouse Trap / Operation / SimonGame Boy AdvanceBoard / Tabletop1Everyone icon
Buy$17.991Mr. Driller 2Game Boy AdvancePuzzle2Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Ms. Pac-Man: Maze MadnessGame Boy AdvancePuzzle4Everyone icon
Buy$9.991Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness / Pac-Man WorldGame Boy AdvancePuzzle4Everyone icon
Buy$20.991Mummy, TheGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$34.800Muppet Pinball MayhemGame Boy AdvancePinball4Everyone icon
Buy$12.491MX 2002 featuring Ricky CarmichaelGame Boy AdvanceSports: Extreme1Everyone icon
Buy$25.991My Little Pony: Crystal Princess: The Runaway RainbowGame Boy AdvanceMini / Party Games1Everyone icon
$1.970Namco MuseumGame Boy AdvanceArcade / Coin-Op, Compilation1Everyone icon
$10.070Namco Museum: 50th AnniversaryGame Boy AdvanceArcade / Coin-Op, Compilation1Everyone icon
Buy$14.991Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted MansionGame Boy AdvanceAdventure1Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Naruto, Shonen Jump: Ninja Council 2Game Boy AdvanceAction4Everyone 10+ icon
$1.740Naruto, Shonen Jump's: Ninja CouncilGame Boy AdvanceVs. Fighting1Everyone 10+ icon
Buy$14.991NASCAR Heat 2002Game Boy AdvanceRacing4Everyone icon
Buy$13.991NBA Jam 2002Game Boy AdvanceSports: Basketball1Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Need for Speed Carbon: Own the CityGame Boy AdvanceRacing2Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Need for Speed UndergroundGame Boy AdvanceRacing4Everyone icon
Buy$2.991Need for Speed Underground 2Game Boy AdvanceRacing2Everyone icon
$12.360Need for Speed: Most WantedGame Boy AdvanceRacing1Everyone icon
Buy$3.991Need for Speed: Porsche UnleashedGame Boy AdvanceRacing4Everyone icon
Buy$5.991NFL Blitz 20-02Game Boy AdvanceSports: American Football1Everyone icon
Buy$2.991NFL Blitz 20-03Game Boy AdvanceSports: American Football2Everyone icon
$23.200NHL 2002Game Boy AdvanceSports: Ice Hockey1Everyone icon
Buy$14.991NHL Hitz 20-03Game Boy AdvanceSports: Ice Hockey2Everyone icon
$10.070Nickelodeon 4-PackGame Boy AdvanceAction, Compilation1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Nicktoons Collection: Volume 1Game Boy AdvanceAction1 icon
Buy$12.491Nicktoons Collection: Volume 2Game Boy AdvanceAction1 icon
$10.070Nicktoons Collection: Volume 3Game Boy AdvanceAction1 icon
Buy$8.991Nicktoons RacingGame Boy AdvanceRacing4Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano IslandGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Nicktoons: Freeze Frame FrenzyGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$12.360Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King, Tim Burton's TheGame Boy AdvanceAction2Everyone 10+ icon
$131.490Ninja Five-OGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991No Rules: Get PhatGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Teen icon
$15.460Noddy: A Day in ToylandGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$20.991Oddworld: Munch's OddyseeGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$6.570One Piece, Shonen Jump'sGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone 10+ icon
$7.710Onimusha TacticsGame Boy AdvanceRPG, Strategy1Teen icon
Buy$2.991Operation: Armored LibertyGame Boy AdvanceSimulation1Teen icon
Buy$2.991Over the Hedge, DreamWorksGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$2.491Over the Hedge, DreamWorks: Hammy Goes Nuts!Game Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$15.460Ozzy & DrixGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$12.360Pac-ManGame Boy AdvancePuzzle2Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Pac-Man CollectionGame Boy AdvanceArcade / Coin-Op, Compilation1Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Pac-Man Pinball AdvanceGame Boy AdvancePinball1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Pac-Man WorldGame Boy AdvanceAdventure1Everyone icon
$10.070Pac-Man World 2Game Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
$6.570Paperboy / RampageGame Boy AdvanceArcade / Coin-Op, Compilation1Everyone icon
$5.990Paws & Claws: Pet ResortGame Boy AdvanceStrategy1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Peter Pan, Disney's: Return to NeverlandGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
$19.330Peter Pan: The Motion Picture EventGame Boy AdvanceAdventure1Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Petz VetGame Boy AdvanceSimulation1Everyone icon
Buy$10.991PhalanxGame Boy AdvanceShooter1Everyone icon
$19.330Phantasy Star CollectionGame Boy AdvanceRPG1Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Phil of the FutureGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$8.600Piglet's BIG GameGame Boy AdvanceEducational / Youth1Everyone icon
Buy$14.991Pinball of the Dead, TheGame Boy AdvancePinball1Teen icon
$12.360Pinball Tycoon: Trigger Finger ChallengeGame Boy AdvancePinball1Everyone icon
Buy$25.991Pink Panther: Pinkadelic PursuitGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$2.491Pinobee: Wings of AdventureGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, DisneyGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone 10+ icon
Buy$5.991Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Pitfall: The Lost ExpeditionGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Planet MonstersGame Boy AdvanceAction4Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Planet of the ApesGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Pocket DogsGame Boy AdvanceSimulation1Everyone icon
$10.070Pocket Professor KwikNotes: Volume 1Game Boy AdvanceData / Pictures / Music, Educational / Youth1Everyone icon
$13.910Pocky & Rocky with BeckyGame Boy AdvanceAdventure1Everyone icon
Buy$9.991Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue TeamGame Boy AdvanceRPG1Everyone icon
$10.070Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & SapphireGame Boy AdvancePinball2Everyone icon
Buy$2.491Pokemon: A Hot Water Battle / For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll!Game Boy AdvanceAction1 icon
$15.460Pokemon: Beach Blank-Out Blastoise / Go West Young MeowthGame Boy AdvanceAction1 icon
Buy$35.991Pokemon: Emerald VersionGame Boy AdvanceRPG4Everyone icon
$19.330Pokemon: FireRed VersionGame Boy AdvanceRPG4Everyone icon
Buy$35.991Pokemon: FireRed Version (with Wireless Adapter)Game Boy AdvanceRPG4Everyone icon
$44.860Pokemon: LeafGreen VersionGame Boy AdvanceRPG4Everyone icon
Buy$32.992Pokemon: LeafGreen Version (with Wireless Adapter)Game Boy AdvanceRPG4Everyone icon
Buy$10.991Pokemon: Playing With Fire! / Johto Photo FinishGame Boy AdvanceAction1 icon
$23.200Pokemon: Pokemon - I Choose You! / Here Comes the Squirtle SquadGame Boy AdvanceAction1 icon
$19.770Pokemon: Ruby VersionGame Boy AdvanceRPG4Everyone icon
$19.770Pokemon: Sapphire VersionGame Boy AdvanceRPG4Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Polar Express, TheGame Boy AdvanceAdventure1Everyone icon
$12.360Polarium AdvanceGame Boy AdvancePuzzle1Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Polly Pocket: Super Splash IslandGame Boy AdvanceMini / Party Games1Everyone icon
Buy$5.991Pong / Asteroids / Yars' RevengeGame Boy AdvanceArcade / Coin-Op1Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Popeye: Rush for SpinachGame Boy AdvancePlatform4Everyone icon
$8.540Power Rangers, Saban's: Time ForceGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Power Rangers: Dino ThunderGame Boy AdvanceFighting: Beat-em-Up1Everyone icon
$19.330Power Rangers: Ninja StormGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$6.991Power Rangers: SPD: Space Patrol DeltaGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform, Racing, Vs. Fighting1Everyone 10+ icon
Buy$20.991Power Rangers: Time Force / Power Rangers: Ninja StormGame Boy AdvanceAction, Vs. Fighting1Everyone icon
Buy$12.491Power Rangers: Wild ForceGame Boy AdvanceFighting: Beat-em-Up4Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Powerpuff Girls: Him and Seek, TheGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$5.991Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo A-Go-Go, TheGame Boy AdvanceAction3Everyone icon
$12.360Prehistorik ManGame Boy AdvancePlatform1Everyone icon
Buy$2.991Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeGame Boy AdvanceAction1Teen icon
Buy$5.991Princess NatashaGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
$12.360Proud Family, TheGame Boy AdvanceAction1Everyone icon
Buy$20.991Proud Family: Volume 1, TheGame Boy AdvanceAction1 icon
$12.360Punch KingGame Boy AdvanceSports: Boxing1Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Puppy Luv: Spa and ResortGame Boy AdvanceSimulation1Everyone icon
$19.330Puyo PopGame Boy AdvancePuzzle1Everyone icon
Buy$2.492Quad Desert FuryGame Boy AdvanceRacing1Everyone icon
Buy$17.991Racing Gears AdvanceGame Boy AdvanceRacing4Everyone icon
$17.800Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy's: Rogue SpearGame Boy AdvanceAction4Teen icon
Buy$15.991Rampage Puzzle AttackGame Boy AdvancePuzzle2Everyone icon
Buy$15.991Rapala Pro FishingGame Boy AdvanceSports: Fishing1Everyone icon
Buy$2.991RatatouilleGame Boy AdvanceAction, Platform1Everyone icon
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