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$12.3603D Tic-Tac-ToeAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEPuzzle1 icon
$30.930AbracadabraAtari 400 :: 800 :: XERPG1 icon
$12.360Ace of AcesAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter, Simulation: Flight1 icon
$20.890Activision Decathlon, The5200Sports: Track & Field2 icon
$15.460Adventure CreatorAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAdventure1 icon
$15.460AirballAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAdventure1 icon
$34.800Alf In the Color CavesAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction1 icon
$20.890Alien AmbushAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction0 icon
$23.200Alien GardenAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction0 icon
$15.460Alpha ShieldAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction0 icon
$12.360Alphabet ZooAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEEducational / Youth2 icon
$34.800AnteaterAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEArcade / Coin-Op, Puzzle0 icon
$20.890Archon: The Light and the DarkAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction, Board / Tabletop, Strategy2 icon
$60.330Assault Force 3-DAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction0 icon
$12.360AsteroidsAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter4 icon
$23.200Astro Chase5200Shooter1 icon
$44.860Astro-GroverAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEEducational / Youth1 icon
$15.460BallblazerAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction2 icon
$12.360Ballblazer5200Sports: Fantasy2 icon
$12.360Barnyard BlasterAtari 400 :: 800 :: XELight Gun Shooter1 icon
$12.360BasketballAtari 400 :: 800 :: XESports: Basketball2 icon
$20.890BattlezoneAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter1 icon
$40.990BeamriderAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter2 icon
$40.990Beamrider5200Shooter4 icon
$12.360Beef Drop5200Action2 icon
$10.070Berzerk5200Action2 icon
$19.330Blue MaxAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter1 icon
$19.330Blueprint5200Action2 icon
$68.060Boulder DashAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEPuzzle1 icon
$177.890Bounty Bob Strikes Back!Atari 400 :: 800 :: XEPlatform1 icon
$386.730Bounty Bob Strikes Back!5200Platform1 icon
$12.360Bristles5200Action4 icon
$12.360Buck Rogers: Planet of ZoomAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter2 icon
$23.200Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom5200Shooter1 icon
$12.360Bug HuntAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter0 icon
$12.360Castle Blast5200Shooter1 icon
$44.860Castle Crisis5200Action4 icon
Buy$8.991Centipede5200Shooter2 icon
$15.460Choplifter!5200Shooter1 icon
$12.360Combat II Advanced5200Action4 icon
$23.200Congo BongoAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction2 icon
Buy$15.991Congo Bongo5200Action2 icon
$10.070Countermeasure5200Shooter2 icon
Buy$8.991Defender5200Shooter2 icon
$12.360DefenderAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter2 icon
Buy$8.991Dig Dug5200Action2 icon
$40.990Dreadnaught Factor, The5200Shooter1 icon
$19.330Flight Simulator IIAtari 400 :: 800 :: XESimulation1 icon
$2.630Frogger5200Action2 icon
$68.060Frogger II: Threeedeep!5200Action1 icon
Buy$8.991Galaxian5200Shooter2 icon
$20.890Gorf5200Shooter2 icon
$30.930Gremlins5200Action2 icon
$19.330Gyruss5200Shooter2 icon
$56.460H.E.R.O.5200Action1 icon
$12.360Haunted House II 3-D5200Adventure1 icon
$23.200James Bond 0075200Action2 icon
$10.070Joust5200Action2 icon
$1.030Jungle Hunt5200Action2 icon
$20.890Kaboom!5200Action2 icon
Buy$8.991Kangaroo5200Action2 icon
$20.890Keystone Kapers5200Action1 icon
$12.360Klax5200Puzzle1 icon
$12.360Koffi: Yellow Kopter5200Action1 icon
$40.990K-Razy Shoot-Out5200Adventure1 icon
$30.930Lode RunnerAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction1 icon
$15.460Mario Bros.5200Action2 icon
$23.200MegaManiaAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEShooter1 icon
$12.360MegaMania5200Shooter2 icon
$154.690Meteorites5200Action2 icon
Buy$2.491Midnight Magic2600Pinball2 icon
$10.070Millipede2600Shooter1 icon
Buy$9.991Miner 2049er5200Action0 icon
$2.630Missile Command5200Simulation2Teen icon
Buy$0.991Missile Command (Lower Case End Label)2600Shooter2 icon
Buy$0.991Missile Command (Upper Case End Label)2600Shooter2 icon
$12.360Mogul Maniac2600Sports: Alpine1 icon
$40.990Montezuma's Revenge Featuring Panama Joe5200Action1 icon
$19.330Moon Patrol5200Shooter1 icon
$1.910Moon Patrol2600Shooter0 icon
$15.460Mountain King5200Arcade / Coin-Op1 icon
Buy$1.991Mouse Trap2600Action1Everyone icon
$56.460Mr. Do!'s Castle5200Action1 icon
Buy$6.991Ms. Pac-Man2600Puzzle2 icon
$2.990Ms. Pac-Man5200Action2 icon
$10.070Name This Game2600Quiz2 icon
Buy$2.491Night Driver2600Racing1 icon
$1.910Oink!2600Action2 icon
Buy$1.991Othello2600Board / Tabletop2 icon
$1.630Outlaw2600Action2Teen icon
$2.630Pac-Man5200Action2 icon
Buy$1.991Pac-Man2600Action2Everyone icon
Buy$2.991Pele's Soccer2600Sports: Football / Soccer2 icon
$12.360Pengo5200Action2 icon
$15.460Phaser Patrol2600Shooter1 icon
Buy$1.991Phoenix2600Shooter0 icon
$23.200Pitfall II: Lost Caverns5200Platform1 icon
$25.530Pitfall II: Lost Caverns2600Platform1 icon
Buy$1.491Pitfall!2600Action1 icon
$10.070Planet Patrol2600Action2 icon
Buy$3.991Plaque Attack2600Action2 icon
$15.460Pole PositionAtari 400 :: 800 :: XERacing0 icon
Buy$1.251Pole Position2600Racing1Everyone icon
Buy$8.991Pole Position5200Racing1 icon
$15.460Pooyan2600Action2 icon
Buy$6.991Pressure Cooker2600Action2 icon
Buy$1.251Q*bert2600Action1 icon
$12.360QixAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEPuzzle0 icon
$10.070Racquetball2600Sports: Tennis2 icon
Buy$1.251Raiders of the Lost Ark2600Action1 icon
$10.070Reactor2600Action2 icon
Buy$1.991RealSports Baseball2600Sports: Baseball2 icon
Buy$2.491RealSports Boxing2600Sports: Boxing2 icon
Buy$1.251RealSports Football2600Sports: American Football2 icon
$10.070RealSports Tennis2600Sports: Tennis2 icon
Buy$3.991RealSports Volleyball2600Sports: Volleyball2 icon
$10.070Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes2600Action1 icon
Buy$2.491Riddle of the Sphinx2600Adventure1 icon
$10.070River Raid2600Shooter2 icon
$10.070Robot Tank2600Action1 icon
$15.460Robotron 2084Atari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction0 icon
$56.460Room of Doom2600Action1 icon
$10.070Seaquest2600Shooter2 icon
$10.070Shark Attack2600Action2 icon
Buy$1.991Skiing2600Sports: Alpine1 icon
Buy$2.491Sky Diver2600Action2 icon
$10.070Sky Jinks2600Action, Racing1 icon
$10.070Sky Skipper2600Action1 icon
Buy$1.491Slot Racers2600Racing2 icon
$12.360Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle2600Platform2 icon
$56.460Smurfs Save the Day2600Action1 icon
Buy$3.991Solar Fox2600Action2 icon
Buy$1.991Solaris2600Shooter2 icon
Buy$2.491Space Attack2600Action1 icon
$10.070Space Cavern2600Action2 icon
Buy$1.491Space Invaders2600Shooter2 icon
Buy$2.491Space Jockey2600Shooter1 icon
$2.730Space War2600Action1 icon
Buy$3.991Spider Fighter2600Shooter1 icon
Buy$3.991Spider-Man2600Action0 icon
$12.360Sprintmaster2600Racing2 icon
$40.990Spy Hunter2600Action1 icon
$12.360Sssnake2600Arcade / Coin-Op0 icon
Buy$3.991Stampede2600Action1 icon
Buy$6.991Star Raiders (Large Box)2600Simulation1 icon
Buy$3.991Star Raiders (Small Box)2600Simulation1 icon
$12.360Star Ship2600Action2 icon
$12.360Star Ship (Numbered Top Label)2600Action2 icon
$15.460Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator2600Action, Simulation1 icon
Buy$1.491Star Voyager2600Shooter, Simulation: Flight1 icon
$10.070Star Wars: Jedi Arena2600Action2 icon
Buy$6.991Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle2600Shooter1 icon
$4.990Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back2600Action2Teen icon
Buy$5.991Stargate2600Shooter1Teen icon
Buy$1.991Starmaster2600Shooter1Teen icon
Buy$2.991Steeplechase2600Racing4 icon
$12.360Stellar Track2600Action1 icon
$23.200Strategy X2600Shooter2 icon
Buy$3.991Street Racer2600Racing4 icon
$12.360Street Racer (Numbered Top Label)2600Racing4 icon
Buy$8.991Sub Scan2600Action1 icon
$23.200Submarine Commander2600Action2 icon
$10.070Summer Games2600Sports: Summer Games2 icon
$10.070Super Baseball2600Sports: Baseball0 icon
$15.460Super BreakoutAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEArcade / Coin-Op, Puzzle0 icon
$2.730Super Breakout2600Action, Puzzle2Teen icon
Buy$4.991Super Challenge Baseball2600Sports: Baseball2 icon
Buy$0.991Super Challenge Football2600Sports: American Football2 icon
Buy$3.991Superman2600Action2 icon
$1.630Surround2600Action2 icon
Buy$0.991Swordquest: Earthworld2600Puzzle1 icon
$1.460Swordquest: Fireworld2600Action, Adventure1 icon
$10.070Tac-Scan2600Action0 icon
$38.690Tanks But No Tanks2600Action2 icon
$30.930Tapper2600Action2 icon
Buy$2.491Target Fun2600Shooter2 icon
$23.200Tax Avoiders2600Action1 icon
$10.070TAZ2600Action2 icon
Buy$2.491Tennis2600Sports: Tennis2 icon
$20.890Thunderground2600Action1 icon
Buy$1.491Towering Inferno2600Adventure2 icon
$10.070TRON: Deadly Discs2600Action1 icon
Buy$3.991Turmoil2600Arcade / Coin-Op1 icon
$1.910Tutankham2600Action2 icon
$44.860Up 'n Down2600Action2 icon
$2.730Vanguard2600Shooter2 icon
Buy$1.991Venture2600Action1 icon
Buy$1.991Video Checkers2600Board / Tabletop2 icon
$10.070Video Chess2600Board / Tabletop1 icon
$2.730Video Olympics2600Sports2Teen icon
$1.030Video Pinball (Lower Case End Label)2600Pinball2 icon
Buy$1.491Video Pinball (Upper Case End Label)2600Pinball2 icon
Buy$1.991Warlords2600Action4 icon
$10.070Warplock2600Action2 icon
$10.070Winter Games2600Sports: Winter Games8 icon
$1.200Word Zapper2600Shooter2Everyone icon
Buy$1.251Yars' Revenge2600Shooter2Teen icon
Buy$2.491Zaxxon2600Shooter2 icon
$34.800ZenjiAtari 400 :: 800 :: XEAction, Puzzle2 icon
$324.860Z-Tack2600Shooter0 icon
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