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Push yourself to the limit as a new driver for Ford Racing.

Take to the driving seat in 12 different Ford cars, ranging from race-tuned showroom vehicles such as the Mustang, Escort and F150, to the pure race Taurus, the star of the NASCAR circuit and concept cars such as the GT90. Compete in 10 different championships unlocking new cars and tracks as you climb the rankings.


  • 12 accurately modeled race-tuned cars, including the NASCAR Taurus
  • BATTLE AGAINST OTHER DRIVERS in three championships and be rewarded with new cars and trophies for your living room
  • COMPETE IN 4 DIFFERENT RACE CLASSES, earning respect and unlocking new vehicles and tracks as you move up the ranks
  • STUNNING HIGH-RESOLUTION 3D GRAPHICS giving super hi-res textures and team colors
  • UNIQUE PICTURE-IN-PICTURE FACILITY - see how the race leader is driving in the corner of your screen
  • REPLAY MODES WITH MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLES for forward, backward and still views of the action
  • Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

    • Analog Control Compatible
    • Memory Card
    • Standard Controller
    • Vibration Function Compatible