Ball Breakers

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  • Animated Violence
Take-Two Interactive
Lost Toys

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Roll With the Punches. Roll over the competition!

Sentenced to eternity in an ultra violent inter-galactic prison for a crime you didn't commit, you only have one shot at freedom, and it's a long hard road to roll down. You will have to go head to head with the "Best of the Worst". The most vicious and violent humanoid prisoners the galaxy has to offer. Fight your way across the universe, beating any and all opponents...If you're tough enough, you can win back the freedom that is rightfully yours.....if you're the last man rolling!

  • Play as one of six different characters each with it's own combo attacks and trick moves.
  • 80 levels which take place in 10 incarceration facilities
  • Multiplayer Mayhem!! Fight the System!
  • Brutal Weapons to help you lay the smack down.
  • Six Gladiatorial game modes: Last Man Rolling, Run the Gauntlet, Trick 'n Tag and MORE!
  • Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

    • Analog Control Compatible
    • Memory Card
    • Standard Controller
    • Vibration Function Compatible