Rambo: First Blood Part II

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  • Action
  • Shooter
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Mark III :: Master System

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You are Rambo, the super hero of the movies. And you come to life on your own screen.

You must go deep into enemy territory to rescue your comrades from concentration camps. Blow those camps. And escape with your skin.

It's no picnic You're menanced by infantry. Artillery. Flame Throwers and Rocket Launchers. Everything the enemy can throw at you.

So you must use every tactic at your command. Your weapons? Your M-60. A supply of arrow-bombs. Your savage strength. And steel nerves.

Play the game by yourself. Or with your partner. Alone or together, you find yourself in the middle of enough color and action for a battalion to take on.

And remember. You take no prisoners.

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  • Control Pad