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Welcome to the sewers, rookie. Climb into the cockpit... fire up your twin Thompson superconductors... this is your shot at the real thing, pal. Real tunnels, real weapons, real actors, real bogies... REAL VIDEO!

Sewer Shark is a revolutionary new game experience using InstaSwitch technology. Be the hero of your own movie in nonstop FULL MOTION DIGICHROME VIDEO!

Navigate through the labyrinth of futuristic tunnels blasting mutant Ratigators, giant buzzsaw-wielding moles and deadly brain-eating Zerks - vermin that have retired every sewer jockey before you. Miss a turn and they'll be scraping you off the wall. Make it all the way and you've earned an endless Summer in Solar City, a party-on paradise.

The sewers ain't no picnic, rookie. Wimps need not apply. Somethin' down there might just suck your brains out...

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