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Crime Patrol

This multi-level live-action thriller challenges the player to progress through police ranks, battling a variety of criminal elements. Be prepared to confront bank robbers and terrorists once you’re selected for SWAT team assignment. Only the better player will be able to reach Delta Force and tangle with a criminal element threatening national security.

Mad Dog McCree

Mad Dog and his men have kidnapped the town’s Mayor and his daughter. To save the town, you will be challenged by a saloon full of outlaws, a hair-raising bank robbery, gunfighters, and Mad Dog himself.

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold

This action-packed adventure will challenge your shooting skills confronting banditos, renegades, and Mad Dog’s men. Select one of three different guides and experience a variety of trails in a quest to beat Mad Dog to the lost gold and return with it to the old mission.

Experience endless hours of action packed entertainment with the GAMEGUN for 3DO!

The GAMEGUN comes equipped with a “Y” connector to allow for one or two player use.

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  • American Laser Games Gamegun
  • Mouse
  • Standard Controller