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Leland Interactive Media (Tradewest)

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PAINT A Palette of Colors, Patterns, Stamps and Special Effects are at our Command! Sketch, Paint and Design your own Stamps to bring Coloring Book Scenes to life!

GAMES Enjoy five challenging games of skill! blast off into outer space in Space Cadet! Give your memory a workout in whereabouts! Chow down some cheese in The Adventures of Max and Maxline! Reassemble scrambled pictures in Sliding Puzzle! Dive deep into the oceans of the future in Aquashark!

MUSIC 36 Sound Effects (including a zoo full of animal sounds), 27 Instruments, 18 Rhythms and 7 Tempos that will bring out the maestro in any budding Mozart!

STYLE Combine, change and rearrange the Heads, Bodies and Legs of Crazy Critters! Then do your own Stylin' with a closet full of outrageous clothes!

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