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Exercise That's Just Right For You

Great training from top aerobics intructors, with workouts tailored to your personal fitness needs.

Whether you're a beginning or experienced exerciser, ESPN's Step Aerobics gives you a fun, safe conditioning program that burns fat, builds strength and tones your entire body.

Customize Your Workouts

ESPN's Fitness Pros makes it fast and easy to create step programs that are perfect for your needs. Simply choose the Step Aerobics exercises you want and the amount of time you want to spend - and your 3DO player does the rest. You get a fully customized workout every time, without the hassle of rewinding or fast-forwarding.

Train With Top Instructors

You'll exercise with four top ESPN Fitness Pros: Joel Greco, international fitness consultant, choreographer and creator of The Street Beat. Nancy Popp, former Reebok National Aerobic Champion. Donna Richardson, nationally recognized fitness spokesperson choregrapher. And Tracy York, a pro's pro who conducts workshops for aerobics instructors worldwide.

Get Four Super Workout Routines

Mix and match your choice of four terrific segments: Warmup starts your blood flowing and your heart pumping...Basic Step gives you simple workout patterns that safely prepare you for more strenuous moves...Power Step adds variety and challenge with new step combinations and fat-burning moves...and Cooldown helps bring your heart rate down and stretches your muscles. Choose one or two segments for a brief workout...or combine multiples of all routines for a customized program that lasts as long as you want.

Play It Safe

Step Aerobics includes a special Techniques section that shows you how to perform your workouts with complete safety.

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