ESPN Let's Play Tennis with Tracy Austin

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Let's Play Tennis takes you onto the court with former U.S. Open Champion Tracy Austin, plus Grand Slam Champions and Fred Stolle. You'll build better groundstroke and volleying skills, and learn the essentials of successful on-court strategies aganst any opponent. Let's Play Tennis offers easy-to-follow instruction that let's you review any topic you want, any time you like - with no rewinding or fast-forwarding. Here's what you'll cover:
  • Playing The Baseline
  • Grip Styles
  • Approach Shots
  • Overheads
  • Volleys
  • Lobs
  • The Serve
  • Net Play
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Whatever your game is, take it to the next level with ESPN's "Let's Play" CD-ROM builds on your basic knowledge of the sport to boost your overall skill level. You'll learn the secrets that helped our instructors become the best in their sports, and they'll teach you the keys to improving your game. Watch for more great "Let's Play" titles coming your way soon!

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