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Live-action video, exciting graphics and personalized coaching help you learn at your own pace.

Real Championship Coaching
ESPN Hitting was designed with Coach Ron Fraser, winner of two national championships at the University of Maimi and baseball coach for the U.S. in the 1992 Olympic Games. It teaches winning techniques with live-action video. color graphics and interactive personalized coaching tips. Plus you get personalized reviews that help master all the fundamentals. Here's what you'll learn:

Hitting Mechanics
Prepare yourself in the batter's box...establish your rhythm and balance...develop the stride and launch position...swing under control and with power.

Adjusting To Pitches
Adjust your swing to different heights and different delivery speeds...and learn when to take pitches for balls.

The Mental Side Of Hitting
Keep a positive mental approach...stay focused...evaluate your performance and develop mental thoughness.

The Bunt
Choose the best type of bunt for any situation...position yourself...and get your bunt down so it stays in fair territory.

Approaching Your "At Bat"
On the bench, on deck, in the hitter's box.

Check your progress with self-paced tests.

Ask The Coach
Ask Coach Fraser about almost any hitting topic and get instant "how to" advice.

Baseball Rules
Become a better hitter by understanding the rules of the game.

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