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As featured on Entertainment Tonight – Demolition Man for the 3DO system is already hailed as the most true-to-the movie interactive video game experience ever.

Finally. The power of 3DO. The action of a hit movie. The challenge of a video game. But deeper. And better. Because this time, you control the outcome of a real movie. With real stars (Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes), real suspense and real challenges that demand real skill.

It began in 1996 as a brutal battle between a dangerous cop (STALLONE) and an even more dangerous criminal (SNIPES). A red-hot feud that destroyed 30 innocent bystanders and forced both men to serve 36 years on ice. Thirty-six long years of rage and dreams of vindication. Now, it continues in 2032 in the futuristic city of San Angeles. A strange new world where weapons are outlawed, violence doesn’t exist and only one thing is clear: the future’s not big enough for the both of them.

  • Actually control cinematic-quality live action footage of Stallone as the Demolition Man in a game that merges movie and video footage so smoothly you’ll feel plunged into the film itself.
  • Contains never-before-seen footage of Stallone and Snipes filmed especially for this interactive adventure.
  • More genres of game play than our competitors have – 4 different types of game play including 3-D first person P.O.V. tunnel hunts, shooting galleries, car chases, and hand-to-hand combat
  • Unbelievably real 3-D environments with props, costumes, sound effects and sci-fi gadgetry taken directly from the Warner Bros./ Joel Silver (Die Hard and Lethal Weapon I and II) hit movie
  • Graphics, sound effects and 3-D rendered art that maximizes 3DO’s capabilities
  • American Laser Games Gamegun compatible

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  • American Laser Games Gamegun
  • Standard Controller