Creature Shock

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Virgin Interactive

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You are mankind's last hope.

Sent to investigate the space-drifting remains of the U.N.S. Amazon, a survey ship deployed in 2123 to find a new home for a dying planet, Earth.

The metal carcass of the ship appears to be devoid of life. But in fact the ship is crawling with creatures just waiting to kill you- Tracking your heartbeat as you move through a tangle of dead-silent tunnels and arteries. Turn fast and shoot faster - before they slash from inside the wall behind you. Or ooze out from an air duct. Or they mutate from human flesh.

If you can defy their grotesque powers, if you can pilot your treacherous way to their starship and destroy the ultimate alien, if you are up to the challenge, you're in for the shock of your life.


  • Full screen completely 3-D rendered animation
  • Two styles of gameplay - First person perspective adventure game and interactive flight simualtion
  • One-on-one combat plus shooting galleries
  • The eeriest music and sound effects heighten the already unbearable tension
  • Cinematic sequences exempify the horror genre at its best
  • Easy to play controls
  • Two CD's packed with an undiscovered universe of mystery and adventure.

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