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Learn Poker From Wisecracking Card Sharks In An Old West Saloon!

Welcome to Cowboy Casino-an exciting blend of live-action characters, sound effects and graphics that entertain and educate all at one.

Five wisecracking card sharks teach you high-stakes poker in a real Old West saloon. You'll match wits against a cowby, bandito, riverboat gambler and bude, plus a prospector and his mule. You'll get hit with a stream of smart-aleck remarks every time you make a mistake. And while you're laughing, you'll learn:

Five-Card Draw, Five-Card Stud, Seven-card Stun and Texas Hold'em. The odds of filling a range of winning hands. When to open, raise of fold, and how and when to bluff. You interact directly with everyone at the poler tanle through text, graphics, sound and video. Easy-to-use controls let you cover all aspects of each game one step at a time, as often as you want. IntelliPlay lets you learn at your own pace.

Your plays bring personal responses that help improve your game. And with hundreds of live-action scenes on tap, you never know what insults your opponents will toss out next. Get Cowboy Casino and see how much fun learning poker can be!

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