World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders

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  • Sports: Baseball
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32X :: Super 32X
BlueSky Software

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700 Major League Players
including Sanders, Bonds, Belle, Gwynn, Bagwell, Piazza, Mcgriff, and Puckett.

  • Improved sound effects, music, and announcers put you in the ballpark.

  • *New* 32 bit technology allows for a gradual zoom to the outfield, for better views of players making diving catches, and climbing the walls to rob home runs.

  • The power of 32X allows for enhanced colors of all stadiums and logos.

  • Put together the greatest team in history with 50 all time great Legend players.

  • Multi-player option allows you and your friends to battle it out!

  • Mid-season All-Star game with your season's best players.

  • Track stats for individuals, teams and league leaders.

  • Play in Exhibition, Full Season, and Playoff modes plus 2 Home Run Derby Modes.

  • Draft and Trade players to create your own dream squad.
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