Virtua Fighter

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  • Fighting: 3D Vs.
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  • Animated Violence
32X :: Super 32X
Sega AM2

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Fight the best martial arts masters with over 700 precision moves! Unleash hair-trigger punch/kick combos, throws and crushing stomps!
  • Eight unique fighters - Each warrior has a personal fighting style, attack strength and special moves!
  • Rapid, realalistic 360º combat with 3-D polygon graphics! See the fighters from all sides!
  • Fluid animations look just like real fighters! Get totally wrapped up in the action!
Plus these NEW FEATURES only on Sega Genesis 32X!
  • Multiple camera angles - low, high and bird's-eye view and more! Change angles in mid-bout!
  • See every bone-jarring hit again in FULL MATCH REPLAY!
  • Customize your fighter's clothing!
  • Fight in group competitions with ALL NEW Tournament Mode!

Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

  • 6 Button Control Pad
  • Standard Controller