Shadow Squadron

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  • Shooter
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  • Animated Violence
32X :: Super 32X

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Scramble fighters!

Chaos has broken out on the edge of the Galaxy. A diabolical power has begun construction of a powerful sun laser. You are the Shadow Squadron's newest fighter jock and the fate and hope of the federation rests in your hands. Destroy the Sun Laster or face the FIRE!!!

Total Freedom, Total Choice!!! Choose between two distinctly different ships and dive, roll, bank or loop, attacking targets at will... Total Control!!!

1 or 2 player action! Take on the forces of evil by yourself in Manual or Auto-Pilot Mode or bring along a friend and fly as pilot and gunner.

Unique Trace Play replay mode lets you relive the action from different angles.

2 different views: Choose from the Cockpit or Chase views for the most intense action!

Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

  • 6 Button Control Pad
  • Standard Controller