Night Trap

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  • FMV Interactive / Digital Comic
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  • Realistic Violence
32X :: Super 32X
Digital Pictures
Digital Pictures

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What If You could control you favorite movie? If you were a part of the action? If you made the difference between life and death?
Night Trap, the groundbreaking CD-ROM that started the interactive video revolution, is back. Night Trap makes you the most important character in a real movie with real actors - not computer generated cartoon characters. Now it looks better than ever on 32X.

Forget the laggy response, small window and jerky video you've come to expect from other CD-ROMs; DigiChrome and InstaSwitch combine the hottest digital video images with instantaneous response. It makes your Sega CD scream!

  • A real interactive movie, not a computer generated game.
  • Control hidden cameras in 8 different rooms.
  • Control a series of traps to capture anyone that threatens innocent lives.

Five teenagers have disappeared from a bizarre lakeside house. You are enlisted as a Special Agent responsible for protecting the lives of another group of teenagers visiting the house.

Don't even think of messing up. People's lives are in your hands!

Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

  • 6 Button Control Pad
  • Standard Controller