NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

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  • Sports: Basketball
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32X :: Super 32X
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NBA Jam Tournament Edition on 32X is the best jam yet! It's a whole new game with 32 megs of slam-dunking action! Bigger Players! Sharper graphics! An all-new stadium rocking soundtrack! And -- OH, MY -- straight from the arcade character scaling that truly takes you to new heights!
NBA JAM TE for 32X...The ultimate arcade Jam!


  • Updated Player Roster
  • Over 120 NBA Stars
  • 3 to 5 Players Per Team
  • New Above The Rim Jams
  • Up to 4 Players with Sega's Team Player
  • More Realistic Play: 8 Attributes
  • High Scoring Hot Spots
  • Super Jam Power-ups
  • Juice Mode with 5 speeds
  • New Rookie and All-Star Teams
  • Hidden Players and Secret Codes
  • Control Both Players in Tag Mode
  • Auto-Stat Save
  • Tournament Play
  • Practice Mode
  • Bigger Players
  • All-New Soundtrack
  • And More!

Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

  • Standard Controller
  • Team Player Adaptor