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32X :: Super 32X
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Deep in the Earth, a powerful ancient crystal hums, fueling the balance of nature. But when its toxic twin plummets to Earth, nature totters on the edge of extinction! Only one hope survives - Kolibri!. Though small and alone, the hummingbird must battle the invasive mutation in all its malignant form to restore Earth. But at what cost?
  • Feel the rush as Kolibri zips, dives and dodges intoxicating aerial acrobatics!
  • Soar through the splendors of nature! Kolibri's world has perfect realism, depth and a panoramic menagerie of colors!
  • Combat bizarre, vicious creatures created by the alien crystal to hunt Kolibri!
  • See nature as its most helpless... and most powerful as Kolibri gains strength. Help Kolibri conquer the cosmic threat in a classic battle of good and evil.
  • Abundant weapons and pick-ups, including lasers, rings of fire and smart bombs, pack this game with punch!

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