Cosmic Carnage

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Front Cover
  • Fighting: 2D Vs.
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  • Animated Violence
  • Animated Blood and Gore
32X :: Super 32X

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  • Front Cover

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What kind of
ugly monster is this? Chunks of body armor fly off as you pound its. body. This beefed-up, maxed-out monstrosity has jetted across the cosmos to beat your brains out! But is it the alien?
Or is it You?
  • Be an alien and battle 8 different opponents in 8 worlds. All wariiors have special moves and their own brand of bone-shattering destruction!
  • Customize your armor configuration from a wide, wild selection of choices.
  • Game zooms in for an in-your-face view of hand-to-hand carnage!
  • Two player showdowns! Unleash endless attack variations in the most punishing combat the universe has ever seen!

Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

  • 6 Button Control Pad
  • Standard Controller