Brutal: Above the Claw

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  • Vs. Fighting
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  • Animated Violence
32X :: Super 32X
Alternative Reality Technologies

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Across the world, invitations were delivered

Under the watchful eye of the Dali Llama, the world's greatest martial artists will return to a place they know well - Brutal Island. Each must use their own unique physical martial arts style and training in order to compete in a grand tournament to prove the world' s one true champion.

Brutal: Above the Claw is a brilliantly rendered game of humorous cartoon-style combat combined with depth, pholosophy, and an attention to detail not found in any other fighting game.

Go ahead - unleash the animal. It's time to get Brutal.


  • Twelve Fully Animated Characters
  • Action replay
  • Loads of special Moves
  • A unique learning system
  • Extra moves available to higher belts
  • A mind bomb'in soundtrack
  • Peripherals & Compatible Accessories

    • Standard Controller