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From the Vault: Angels Cards

ActionQtyPriceQtyCond.Card NamePicture
Buy$7.993FoilAkroma, Angel of FuryAkroma, Angel of Fury
Buy$9.808FoilAkroma, Angel of WrathAkroma, Angel of Wrath
Buy$1.491FoilArchangel of StrifeArchangel of Strife
Buy$6.364FoilAurelia, the WarleaderAurelia, the Warleader
$30.540FoilAvacyn, Angel of HopeAvacyn, Angel of Hope
Buy$13.024FoilBaneslayer AngelBaneslayer Angel
Buy$5.501FoilEntreat the AngelsEntreat the Angels
Buy$3.663FoilExalted AngelExalted Angel
Buy$14.207FoilIona, Shield of EmeriaIona, Shield of Emeria
Buy$2.9915FoilIridescent AngelIridescent Angel
Buy$4.9910FoilJenara, Asura of WarJenara, Asura of War
Buy$1.4910FoilLightning AngelLightning Angel
Buy$10.997FoilPlatinum AngelPlatinum Angel
Buy$3.4913FoilSerra AngelSerra Angel
Buy$5.968FoilTariel, Reckoner of SoulsTariel, Reckoner of Souls