Magic Sets/Expansions

Card Importer

This tool allows you to import cards into your shopping cart by copying and pasting from text files, websites, excel files and more. You can pretty much use any format you want for importing items. The only stipulation is that the quantity must preceed the card name. here are some examples of formats that are allowed:

9th Edition

Serra Angel
Early Harvest
3 x Urza's Mine
** Tempest ** -- Some symbols before and after set name
Altar of Dementia - card name
3 x played dark ritual
16 zendikar foil mountain

1 a bunch of uneccesary text Apocalypse a bunch more unnecessary text squee's revenge

As you can see, pretty much any format you want to use is acceptable as long as the set name comes sometime before the cardname and the quantity is listed as the first text on a given line.