Download Buy List

MtgFanatic allows you to download our full buylist as an alternate method to selling us items through our website. The steps to sell us items using this method are listed below:

  1. Download the Buylist
  2. Open the file using excel or some SpreadSheet editor.
  3. Enter the quantities of the items you want to sell in the "SellQuantity" column.
  4. When you are done, Upload the file.


  • Prices in the downloaded file are current as of the time you download the file. However, they may increase or decrease at the time the sale is imported because our current prices are used and our buylist changes daily. We cannot use the prices in the file because they can be modified by anybody.
  • Changing column names or item numbers will prevent your file from being properly imported when you upload the file.

Buylist Options

The options below allow you to customize the buylist for the products you want to sell to MtgFanatic. By de-selecting products types you do not want to sell the file will be smaller which will make uploading and downloading the file quicker. If no Product Types are specified, all are downloaded.