The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

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Ages Icon Ages: 10+
Players Icon Players: 8 to 20
Play Time Icon Play Time: 30 minutes+
Year Icon Year: 2001
  • Bluffing
  • Deduction
  • Horror
  • Murder/Mystery
  • Party

Product Description

The small town of Millers Hollow has become infested with werewolves. The townsfolk must take immediate action and eradicate this menace before they are all devoured...

Who are you?

Werewolf or townsperson?

You will secretly receive a character card. Once you know your identity, you are all under the control of the game moderator.

You're a Werewolf

Your goal: By night, devour villages. By day, try your best to "pass" as an honest citizen.

You're a Townsperson.

Your goal: to discover the werewolves and to persuade the other players to eliminate them (while avoiding being suspected yourself). Your task is a difficult one! Fortunately certain Villagers have special abilities: the fortune teller, the Hunter, the Witch...

They will help you to fight the werewolves.

An extremely easy game to play, ideal for larger groups of 8-20. Caution! This game can become addictive!

Additional Info


  • 1 Captain card
  • 1 Cupido card
  • 1 Hunter card
  • 1 Little Girl card
  • 1 Seer card
  • 1 Thief card
  • 1 Witch card
  • 13 Villager cards
  • 4 Werewolf cards


  • Partnerships
  • Role Playing
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Voting


  • Dimitry Davidoff
  • Herve Marly
  • Philippe des Pallieres


  • Asmodee
  • Lul-meme