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  • Lord Nazrac Profile Picture
    Lord Nazrac Come check out my improved “X-Factor” deck! I've been working on it for awhile and it’s now revamped for her pleasure!
    Comment - Delete - 5/14/2010
  • Lord Nazrac Profile Picture
    Lord Nazrac I just had to!

    I saw the Master of Etherium and had to break this card! The point to the deck was to get as many Master’s of Etherium into play as I could. Copy after copy after copy of multi amplification of creature power! It took a little doing and tweaking but so far its 53/win’s 0/loses! Take a look at it, and let me know what you think!
    Comment - Delete - 3/11/2010
  • Lord Nazrac Profile Picture
    Lord Nazrac I updated my BURN deck take a took!
    Comment - Delete - 3/3/2010
  • Lord Nazrac Profile Picture
    Lord Nazrac I’m looking for some input on my Yearning Desire's deck... I would love your contribution!
    Comment - Delete - 2/25/2010
  • Lord Nazrac Profile Picture
    Lord Nazrac I need some help with my "wall" Master deck check it out and give me some input please...
    Comment - Delete - 2/22/2010
  • Lord Nazrac Profile Picture
    Lord Nazrac Check out my new deck Shock-And-Awe!
    Comment - Delete - 2/8/2010
  • Jmel LAMA Profile Picture
    Jmel LAMA Plpease check out my new deck, Grixis thrall prince. Thanks in advance.
    Comment - Delete - 1/21/2010
  •  Profile Picture
    Check out Nissa's 5-color control! It's a Beast!
    Comment - Delete - 1/19/2010
  • Mr. Safety Profile Picture
    Mr. Safety WTF does LAMA stand for anyways? Lame Association of Magic @$$holes?
    Comment - Delete - 1/19/2010
  • Firemane Profile Picture
    Firemane I'd have to agree, LAMA doesn't actually stand for anything, so it can't really be better. As I've stated on other people's walls, the reason that LOMA fell apart was that the community around LOMA was too small, and hence it appeared to show elitism (maybe there was some of that, but not the extent to which it was claimed). LOMA attempted to help out other members, and creations such as The Garage, Poor Mans Duals, and other helpful threads in the forums were all created by members of LOMA as resources for everyone to use.
    Comment - Delete - 1/18/2010
  • Steve Brewer Profile Picture
    Steve Brewer LOMA >>> LAMA. LOMA actually had a purpose unlike LAMA. LOMA helped other members on their decks unlike LAMA which is just a joke making fun of a group that no longer exists. Sorry but even though it no longer exists LOMA wins hands down over LAMA any day of the week.
    Comment - Delete - 1/18/2010
  • Glockology LAMA Profile Picture
    Glockology LAMA Yo Wolverine can u chekc out my deck. Ive been playing for a month and i havent lost with the deck except to White decks that use undead slayers. Please rate it well so i can get it well known. LAMA FTW!!!!
    Comment - Delete - 1/12/2010
  • Steve Brewer Profile Picture
    Steve Brewer What Firemane meant on Jozi's board was LOMA is no more, some members still have the tags in their usernames but that doesn't change the fact that the group has been disbanded. So LAMA is mocking a group that no longer exists.
    Comment - Delete - 1/11/2010
  • Jozibrewer  LAMA Profile Picture
    Jozibrewer LAMA everyone can join LAMA
    Comment - Delete - 1/10/2010
  • Jozibrewer  LAMA Profile Picture
    Jozibrewer LAMA LAMA is making fun of the other group on MTGFanatic, LOMA. Nobody really knows what it is, but it is awesome.
    Comment - Delete - 1/9/2010
  • Mr. Safety Profile Picture
    Mr. Safety I accepted your friend request tentatively, Devon. As long as there isn't any drama, I'll send a comment to your decks every now and then.
    Comment - Delete - 1/5/2010
  • Lombard Kavu  Profile Picture
    Lombard Kavu Thats just what i wanted. I was a little touchy with those scouts, and Coat of Arms was a great suggestion. One thing is that i wanted to stay away from the same old Kavu kill em all decks, even though thats there usual whole strategy. I wanted to test out a spell side but didnt really have the brain armory for it. Im gonna check out those decks now
    Comment - Delete - 1/4/2010
  • Test Rhun Profile Picture
    Test Rhun Wolverine, it is easier to get help by finding out who the active users are and posting productive comments on their decks then it is to ask here. I use this as well as my friends to figure out which way I want my deck to go, but you have to consider, a favor is a favor returned. If you think you can't help us active users decks, think again, we always over look something, some of us have our head in our rare binders, others in their favorite cards. Maybe, just maybe you know exactly what we are missing or over looking.
    Comment - Delete - 12/22/2009
  • mtgking16 LAMA Profile Picture
    mtgking16 LAMA I would appreciate it if you took the time to look at my new "Naya Token Festival" deck. Thank you.
    Comment - Delete - 12/10/2009