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  • hentai Profile Picture
    hentai would you please take a look at my Standard Merfolk deck and give it a rate, i would realy like some feedback on this, i think it can compete.
    Comment - Delete - 9/27/2010
  • CW Profile Picture
    CW Join my tournament and win forum rewards points....its free! Find it in the forum as "CW's Fancy T2 Tournament: Forum Rewards Kick-Off Extravaganza!"
    Comment - Delete - 9/22/2010
  • hentai Profile Picture
    hentai posted want and have decks
    Comment - Delete - 9/5/2010
  • Lord Nazrac Profile Picture
    Lord Nazrac Come check out my improved “X-Factor” deck! I've been working on it for awhile and it’s now revamped for her pleasure!
    Comment - Delete - 5/14/2010
  • Herron_Is_Live Profile Picture
    Herron_Is_Live Hey Nate, it's been a while since I've been on and actually posted a T2 deck that could hold it's own. If you could please check out my rendition of the Summoning Trap deck that would be great. Anything you need help looking at I will gladly return the favor.
    Comment - Delete - 4/4/2010
  • Dahle Profile Picture
    Dahle Hey, been working on my Dredge (v.2), if you could go comment and rate, that would be appreciated.
    Comment - Delete - 3/11/2010
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 so this butcher of life is looking quite dangerous i wonder how many titans there will be?
    Comment - Delete - 3/4/2010
  • Atemu Profile Picture
    Atemu Thanks nate for the Angel deck list. It looks great. I just couldn't get this website to let me leave this type of a comment on the deck list's page. I did at least get to rate it a 5 as it should play well at least where I go because a fog type of strategy should help until I can get my heavy hitting Angels out, and eventually Luminarch Ascension can kick in, and in melee if I lose to much, and have to play in a mash melee Luminarch Ascension could kick real but as long as it can get 4 counters on it, and by the way most of what you say was double posts because my computer is really stupid and affects how it interacts with websites, but if your talking about the length of each single post I put on things it is because I am very descriptive, and just trying to get people to understand where I am coming from. If you have an idea for a sideboard for that deck if you think it needs a sideboard then add that, but I would need to know what to sideboard out, and against what, so like what to take out, and what to put in for different situations, but as you could tell I was going for the fog idea from the beginning I am just not sure how much of a fog card Safe Passage is, so I will have to check that out, and originally I thought it would have been possible to keep the Ajani, Goldmane's in, or maybe put Elsepath Tirel in instead, but it may play better without; also let me know what you think about Admonition Angel as opposed to Iona, Shield of Emeria, and also what maybe having some Sejiri Steppe's would do, so maybe give my updated creation of God's Angels Version 3 (standard) looks like, and let me know what you think it would be like compared to your idea as a fog deck, so the one problem I guess I would be concerned about it having is to many tap lands, but that isn't always a bad thing with what I could do especially if I get an Avatar token out from Ajani, Goldmane's effect, but I am glad your deck actually helped to think about the Luminarch Ascension's.
    Comment - Delete - 2/13/2010
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 lovin some of these worldwake cards eldrazi elves is going to take over meta game across the country
    Comment - Delete - 2/8/2010
  • Hank de Tank LAMA Profile Picture
    Hank de Tank LAMA haha it's fine man. I know how it is, people have rough days. It has been suggested that we call ourselves "Laugh At Magical Abnormalities" or "Leprechauns Are Magical and Awesome." What do you think?
    Comment - Delete - 1/28/2010
  • Hank de Tank LAMA Profile Picture
    Hank de Tank LAMA Sorry Nate. We do not mean to be fifth grade. You can join if you like, but you don't have to. I don't mean to mock you or insult your intelligence by asking you to join, I simply think it's fun. You seem like a decent guy so I wondered if you wanted to join LAMA, but if you don't that's also fine. Sorry to annoy, but you were curious about LAMA so I told you all there is to tell.
    Comment - Delete - 1/26/2010
  • Hank de Tank LAMA Profile Picture
    Hank de Tank LAMA Dude, if you like, you can join LAMA. You just put it after your name and you're in. We don't even know what it stands for, it is just a group we made up for fun and a lot of people have now joined it. Feel free to join if you like.
    Comment - Delete - 1/26/2010
  • Mr. Safety Profile Picture
    Mr. Safety I'll toss you a vote (if I haven't already)
    Comment - Delete - 1/25/2010
  • Mr. Safety Profile Picture
    Mr. Safety Sweet! She's a keeper, lol. emoticon
    Comment - Delete - 1/25/2010
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 oh did i mention that 30 people entered the event
    Comment - Delete - 1/23/2010
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 took both naya and jund to fnm last night. my girlfriend played jund while i played my naya deck and we both top 8ed. and my gf has only played 3 games previous to the tourny. it was an awesome night
    Comment - Delete - 1/23/2010
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 taking naya deck to fnm and would really love some last minute feed back. i know im not going up against typical meta game mostly just aggro decks seeing as i'm the only one i know of that owns a jund deck and i'm not playing it. some really bizarre decks a few control but mostly aggro let me know how you think it will hold up.
    Comment - Delete - Yesterday at 8:19 PM
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 all i want for x-mas is a maelstrom pulse actually i want it now lol emoticon
    Comment - Delete - Yesterday at 2:23 AM
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 cool thanks i was just curious and that answers my question and thanx for the look
    Comment - Delete - 1/15/2010
  • Mr. Safety Profile Picture
    Mr. Safety As far as the top 10 decks go, it's a ratio of rating (higher = better) and NUMBER of ratings. You'll notice the top 10 decks have like 20+ ratings, whereas my decks usually only have like 2 (one of them mine,lol) I'll look at your naya beast deck, too.
    Comment - Delete - 1/14/2010
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 yeah after you mentioned that i figured that out fast. i'm really happy with the deck though. it still needs some tweaking but i love how it runs i've been putting up some good fights against some tough decks in my area and even winning some match ups that i shouldn't. i'm still in proxy stages though i still need: 1 rootbound crag, 1 dragonskull summit, 1 sprouting thirinax, and finally 1 maelstrom pulse
    Comment - Delete - 1/12/2010
  • Mr. Safety Profile Picture
    Mr. Safety On second thought, Violent Outburst is WAY better than Demonic Dread. Sorcery speed will wreck the synergy. Baneslayer needs attention pronto, you can't wait till your turn to hose it.
    Comment - Delete - 1/12/2010
  • Mr. Safety Profile Picture
    Mr. Safety it's good tech...about as good as Violent Outburst. Not a bad choice.
    Comment - Delete - 1/11/2010
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 what about demonic dread in the sideboard is that a good or bad idea i figure again its the three drop cascade to again deal with aggro
    Comment - Delete - 1/9/2010
  • nate2517 Profile Picture
    nate2517 in need of these cards im sorry but i dont have much for trades if u want it ask i will let you know what i have then
    1 dragonskull summit
    2 rootbound crag
    1 broodmate dragon
    1 sprouting thrinax
    3 blightning
    1 maelstrom pulse
    Comment - Delete - 1/7/2010
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