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  • CW Profile Picture
    CW Join my tournament and win forum rewards points....its free! Find it in the forum as "CW's Fancy T2 Tournament: Forum Rewards Kick-Off Extravaganza!"
    Comment - Delete - 9/22/2010
  • Mr. Safety Profile Picture
    Mr. Safety Want a challenge? Join this! Clawsofhix: Legacy Deckbuilding Challenge
    Comment - Delete - 5/17/2010
  • Firemane Profile Picture
    Firemane Tomorrow??? I'm completely unavailable Thursday, and only available Friday from about 10 onwards.
    Comment - Delete - 3/30/2010
  • Firemane Profile Picture
    Firemane Well, that didn't seem to work :P Should we try for tomorrow evening?
    Comment - Delete - 3/29/2010
  • Firemane Profile Picture
    Firemane Okay, I'm CST as well. I have school until 3 every day, but afterwords I'm pretty open. Maybe Monday at 4pm? Do you have AIM or some other messenger?
    Comment - Delete - 3/28/2010
  • Firemane Profile Picture
    Firemane We are playing. When are you available? I'm free this Monday-Wednesday, I believe.
    Comment - Delete - 3/26/2010
  • Dahle Profile Picture
    Dahle Could you check out my Landfalling Toolbox, that would be great, thanks.
    Comment - Delete - 3/23/2010
  • Firemane Profile Picture
    Firemane Yeah, I probably should be playing DallasM instead of you...
    Comment - Delete - 3/21/2010
  • Firemane Profile Picture
    Firemane When are you available for our round? I'm looking pretty swamped this week, except for some of Wednesday and Thursday.
    Comment - Delete - 3/21/2010
  • CW Profile Picture
    CW Round 2 pairings are up!
    Comment - Delete - 3/20/2010
  • Jacob McKelvy  Profile Picture
    Jacob McKelvy thanks it has been a 13 hour day today trying to get this stuff up still debugging though!
    Comment - Delete - 2/3/2010
  • Jacob McKelvy  Profile Picture
    Jacob McKelvy hey there how do you think of the new look?
    Comment - Delete - 2/2/2010
  • Zartan Profile Picture
    Zartan Yeah, the deck was crazy to watch when it was played against me. It might still see play after the release, but you're probably right that it'd see less due to the killer land. I think it's also cool that you run it without the fetch lands because it is much cheaper without those few cards.

    And the sphynx is in for Ponder, the person who was playing it said that he used it for the draw/discard 3 over using Ponder. It is his build and I just thought it was cool. That's why I only mentioned the one card in his side. It is a cool deck though. Congrats on making your tournaments top 8 with it.
    Comment - Delete - 1/25/2010