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  • jandax Profile Picture
    Comment - Delete - 6/26/2010
  • jandax Profile Picture
    jandax Hey, there's not much I can suggest cardwise for your decks. But what I can suggest is consolidating the decks. Too many 1 of's has absolutely no synergy and will lead to a lot of dead draws. If you can focus your builds to a specific out, or two, then you'll find they work much better and you'll have more fun playing. As far as a competitive deck for an FNM scene, I'd suggest looking at winning decks from Don't try to build your own deck with your own ideas, if you want to get competitive, take it from me: learn what wins consistently in a given format and pick one of those decks. You'll spend less money in the end and will learn more by picking up an established and tuned deck, than by building your own and not reaching the goals you want.
    Comment - Delete - 6/26/2010
  • luckycharms Profile Picture
    luckycharms wondering what i need for a good competitive deck for fnm
    Comment - Delete - 6/21/2010