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  • Jmel LAMA Profile Picture
    Jmel LAMA Check out Grixis thrall prince. Thanks in advance.
    Comment - Delete - 1/21/2010
  • jandax Profile Picture
    jandax Heya, sorry I only read your message now. I hope you took time to take notes or otherwise remember what happened during the tournament. If you wish, feel free to post this deck in the Tournament Table thread and we could look at it with others' help.

    If you could, post a tournament report in that thread, then we can go about ironing out kinks in the deck. From the looks of it, it seems like it starts off in a stall then just dominates the end game. Could be fun, but could be blown out by faster decks in the format.
    Comment - Delete - 12/24/2009
  • Loomis Profile Picture
    Loomis Tourney tomorrow, please comment on my deck "Nazi"
    Comment - Delete - 12/20/2009