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  • Baghdad Bob LOMA Profile Picture
    Baghdad Bob LOMA What's up brotha man? Hope your well! I'm back in black sonnnnnnnn!
    Comment - Delete - 5/10/2010
  • Stocum Profile Picture
    Stocum make your wall deck yet ? lol
    Comment - Delete - 1/11/2010
  • Billy Profile Picture
    Billy i liked you vampire deck. when i was reading the comments everyone was saying it was only m10 and there was a blood tribute in it. but then i scrolled down and saw that you said you changed it. lol. check out my vampire deck and rate. thx
    Comment - Delete - 12/26/2009
  • Daralic Profile Picture
    Daralic Once again, you ask me that question; "Whats on my mind?" Well once again I must enlighten you. Nothing can be ON the mind but rather IN the mind. And the same answer for you is my mind is INsane.
    Comment - Delete - 12/9/2009