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Jeopardy Style Magic Trivia Questions

By Zanman on 4/24/2011 Category: Forum>Magic: the Gathering>Articles>News and Views
Jeopardy Style Magic Trivia Questions

The following trivia questions were created by yours truly for the Guildmage 700 party last week. There are seven categories consisting of ten questions each. The answers are arranged at the bottom of this article so that you can challenge yourself and your friends. Understand that the seventh category, Guildmage Confidential, is rawthur self-referential. It was a good category, however, for a party full of Guildmages. I included here just for the sake of completeness. One of the answers in this category, however, has been deleted. I couldn’t decide if it was needlessly gross. I left the question in, I’m sure people will be able to figure it out. Now, somebody drag Alex Trebek in here and let’s get this thing underway!

Your cateogories are: Lightning Round, Symbology, Cancelled Doonesbury, Kids in the Hall, I Like Big Butts, Raga Man and Guildmage Confidential. Special thanks to judge extraordinaire Joe Klopchic for allowing me to reference his Canadian countryman Alex Trebek as well as for creating the questions and answers for Symbology.

Lightning Round

The answers in this category all have something to do with lightning

100 – One of the five original “boon” spells, this returned to Magic in M10 after a long absence.

200 – This patriotic creature costs 1RWU to cast and has flying, vigilance and haste.

300 – For one mana, you can deal five damage to a target creature with this spell if you discard a card as an additional cost.

400 – This Shards of Alara creature enchantment gives enchanted creature +3/+0 and first strike.

500 – This piece of equipment from Mirrodin gives equipped creature haste and shroud.

600 – For four mana, this red instant from Tempest can deal four damage to a target creature or player.

700 – This Onslaught enchantment was the centerpiece of a deck built around cycling cards from your hand.

800 – This enchantment from Visions lets you spend a red mana to deal a point of damage to a player or creature whenever a player plays a red spell.

900 – This complicated instant from Coldsnap allows you to discard land from your hand to put charge counters on this spell while it’s on the stack.

1000 – This Ice Age instant gives a target creature first strike until end of turn and draws you a card at the beginning of the next turn’s upkeep.


The answers in this category all have something to do with the expansion symbols on Magic cards.

100 – This is the symbol for Magic’s overarching villainous faction, seen in card art and watermarks.

200 – This symbol, commonly shown in text as [q] debuted in Shadowmoor.

300 – This is the symbol for Urza’s Destiny.

400 – This early expansion’s symbol is a crown.

500 – This expansion’s symbol is a bridge.

600 – The Zendikar block’s expansion symbols show this progressively opening.

700 – This expansion’s symbol is the broken seal of the Guildpact.

800 – This guild’s symbol features a spider with a single eye.

900 – These are two of the five sets whose expansion symbol also represents an actual card from that set.

1000 – This is the number of sets whose expansion symbols represent a numeral.

Cancelled Doonesbury

The answers in this category are Magic cards whose names sound like the titles of newspapers. Whenever I play a card like this, I always tell the same dumb joke, “You know, I used to have the Darksteel Sentinel delivered to my house, but I cancelled my subscription because they cancelled Doonesbury…”

100 – This recently printed rare creature could be a newspaper in a town called Victory.

200 – This is a colorless creature with Flash whose name could be a newspaper for indestructible artifacts.

300 – This manland turns into a 1/5 Soldier and is a newspaper distributed by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

400 – This frozen land from Alliances is nicknamed “Knight School.”

500 – First printed in Tenth Edition, this is the official newspaper of Magic’s Elvish community.

600 – This Legends card could be a newspaper in Concord, New Hampshire.

700 – This obscure green rare from Future Sight could be a gossip rag from a town called Heartwood.

800 – This green forestwalker from Champions of Kamigawa sounds like a small town Japanese newspaper.

900 – This Shadowmoor rare land could be the name of a newspaper in a seaport town in Connecticut.

1000 – This 1994 Magic card shares its name with the newspaper from a Northeastern Ohio town formerly known as the rubber capitol of the world.

Kids in the Hall

Answers in this category have to do with players in the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

100 – These two HOFers are considered the two greatest players in Magic’s history.

200 – This is one of the two HOFers to win in their first Pro Tour appearance.

300 – This HOFer attended 48 straight Pro Tour and World Championship events from New York 1996 through Kobe 2004.

400 – This HOFer was the first player to win two Pro Tours.

500 – This is the only Japanese player in the HOF.

600 – These are two of the three HOFers with 400 or more pro points.

700 – This is the number of members in the Pro Tour Hall of Fame currently.

800 – These two countries each have exactly four players in the Hall of Fame.

900 – This HOFer started his Pro Tour career at Paris 1997.

1000 – This HOFer was fifteen years old when he finished second to David Price in his first Pro Tour appearance.

I Like Big Butts

These answers are some of Magic’s largest creatures of all time.

100 – This creature costs fifteen colorless mana and gives you a free turn when you play it.

200 – This set contains five creatures with toughnesses of ten or greater.

300 – This card is a Darksteel Colossus gone horribly wrong.

400 – When it was printed in The Dark it was the largest creature in Magic.

500 – This creature requires all five colors to cast and has Protection from Everything.

600 – This 7/10 Golem destroys land when it enters or leaves the battlefield.

700 – This 13/13 Avatar costs only one black mana to play.

800 – This 13/13 is the biggest creature with Morph.

900 – This creature has the second biggest butt in Magic, a 9/14 from Ravnica.

1000 – This 10/10 is the largest flyer in Magic.

Raga Man

“Raga Man” is an anagram for the word “anagram.” Each answer in this category is the unscrambled version of its amusing clue.

100 – Cobalt Sulk is a very expensive Magic Card.

200 – Tap a Mountain in order to play Glib Thong Lint.

300 – Rub My Ox is one of the most expensive cards in Magic.

400 – Renovate Group is the event for which five Guildmages traveled across the ocean in order to compete.

500 – I Intake Rum is the pro player, now in the Hall of Fame, for which Robbie Howell had a year-long infatuation.

600 – Serene Evil is the Guildmage who had a Pro Tour Hall of Famer in his wedding.

700 – Cello Punters might be the most powerful card in Magic.

800 – Nude Spits is what David Williams once tapped on my driver side window in the parking lot of a Denny’s.

900 – Magi Sludge is something there are currently thirty-five of.

1000 – Matinee Ghost is what James Jenkins would proclaim each time he played Diabolic Edict.

Guildmage Confidential

Each answer in this category has to do with the exploits of the Texas Guildmages.

100 – This Guildmage has recently been the number one constructed player in the world.

200 – This Guildmage named his daughter after a Magic card.

300 – These two Guildmages have received votes for the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

400 – Before becoming a Guildmage, this player was pursued by George Baxter’s Team Dallas.

500 – These two Guildmages named children after their sports heroes.

600 – This Guildmage had great success in the first years of the Pro Tour in his pre-Guildmage days as an associate of the Pacific Coast Legends.

700 – This Guildmage was the fastest to attend 100 meetings.

800 – These three Guildmages recently shared an apartment in Denton.

900 – This was the youngest player added to the Texas Guildmages.

1000 – This Guildmage won the first PTQ held in Texas.

I hope you enjoyed the trivia. Nobody expects you to know the ones about our little Magic team in Texas, we’re a fairly well-kept secret.

Jeff Zandi
Texas Guildmages
Level II DCI Judge
Zanman on Magic Online


Lightning Round
100 – Lightning Bolt
200 – Lightning Angel
300 – Lightning Axe
400 – Lightning Talons
500 – Lightning Greaves
600 – Lightning Blast
700 – Lightning Rift
800 – Lightning Cloud
900 – Lightning Storm
1000 – Lightning Blow

100 – Symbol of Phyrexia
200 – Untap symbol
300 – a flask
400 – Fallen Empires
500 – Exodus
600 – a hedron
700 – Dissension
800 – House Dimir
900 – Portcullis from Stronghold, Mirari from Odyssey, Sword of Kaldra from Mirrodin, Shield of Kaldra form Darksteel, Helm of Kaldra from Fifth Dawn.
1000 – 6th Edition, 7th Edition, 8th Edition, 9th Edition, 10th Edition, M10, M11 and Portal Three Kingdoms (the Three Kingdom’s symbol translates as the number ‘3’).

Cancelled Doonesbury
100 – Victory’s Herald
200 – Darksteel Sentinel
300 – Forbidding Watchtower
400 – Kjeldoran Outpost
500 – Llanowar Sentinel
600 – Concordant Crossroads
700 – Heartwood Storyteller
800 – Jukai Messenger
900 – Mystic Gate
1000 – Akron Legionnaire

Kids in the Hall
100 – Finkel and Budde
200 – Buehler or Baberowski
300 – Darwin Kastle
400 – Tommi Hovi
500 – Tsuyoshi Fujita
600 – Kai Budde, Olivier Ruel and Gabriel Nassif
700 – 26
800 – Netherlands, France
900 – Raphael Levy
1000 – Ben Rubin

I Like Big Butts
100 – Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
200 – Rise of the Eldrazi
300 – Blightsteel Colossus
400 – Leviathan
500 – Progenitus
600 – Sundering Titan
700 – Death’s Shadow
800 – Krosan Cloudscraper
900 – Autochthon Wurm
1000 – Supreme Exemplar

Raga Man
100 – Black Lotus
200 – Lightning Bolt
300 – Ruby Mox
400 – Pro Tour Geneva
500 – Mike Turian
600 – Neil Reeves is the answer, he had Bob Maher Jr. in his wedding
700 – Counterspell
800 – This answer has been intentionally left out. Unscramble for yourself!
900 – Guildmages
1000 – Eat Something

Guildmage Confidential
100 – Hunter Burton, after Pro Tour Austin 2009
200 – David Williams named his daughter Liliana
300 – Neil Reeves, David Williams
400 – Tim Stoltzfus
500 – Nolan Reeves, Manning Boneau
600 – Mark Hendrickson
700 – Eric Jones
800 – Hunter Burton, Taylor Webb and Brian Heine
900 – Robbie Howell
1000 – Minh Huynh



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haha very nicely done! I like the ones that sound like newspapers. Clever emoticon
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Aww you left out Raga Man 800, WHY!? Lol, I hate when I find a puzzle I can't figure out and theres no answer for it emoticon hopefully some figures it out so they can share it with the rest of it. I pretty much sucked on most of it except the large creature one and the Raga Man one. Maybe you all will do better. Fun puzzle.
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The answer to Raga Man 800 has to do with an intimate bit of body piercing that David had done and chose to show me by tapping on the driver's side window... gross.

Even with this, big bad David Williams was copying his hero, a frat boy named Jason Page. Page was the first person I knew with a bunch of body piercings. One time, during a tournament, with everyone in the story being pretty quiet, I asked, "Hey, Jason. What percentage of your piercings would you say are visible right now?" Jason thought for a few seconds and grinned, "About 50%." and people all over the store moaned or sounded like they were getting sick.
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